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Wine Bottle Crafts

Wine Bottle Crafts

Looking for Wine Bottle Crafts Ideas?

There are so many wine bottle crafts ideas for wine bottles. There is no puzzle to this. Wine bottles are durable and beautiful. They are thick which makes them ideal for many other purposes other than being a wine case. This is certainly something people should throw away.

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Fancy Water and Juice Bottles

Wine bottles, as mentioned above are, beautiful. The shape, the quality of the glass and the color make it ideal for other uses. One of the most common thing you can us e the wine bottle for is as a pitcher for water or juices. Instead of putting it in a regular pitcher, put in in a wine bottle. Remove the label, of course.

You can even use it on formal occasions.


Glass or Glass


You need to cut the wine and end up with some really great looking glasses. Cutting the wine bottle is not as hard as it may seem and if you do learn how to do it, you could really make some cool looking glasses and even use it as gifts.

Click here to get a  step-by-step procedure on how to cut glass with a perfect cut.

If you learn how to cut the wine bottles, you can pretty much take in any kind of bottle and cut it. You can even make a living out of it. The bottle featured above is from etsy.


Vases/Plant Containers

It doesn’t take a lot of explanation on how one can turn a wine bottle into a vase but we can show you a whole lot of ideas on how to do it creatively.

See the photo below courtesy of designrulz.com



All you have to do is hang the bottles and make it look a little “unorganized”. Put in some beautiful looking orchids and you have one of the best looking fence. It is especially nice if your fence is wood.

You can also try decorating the bottle. Wrap it with rope or paint them. Here is one example from Jaci’s Country Heart.



You may also cut the bottle and use the nose part as the container. Here is another one from designrulz.com


Here is another one that’s being sold in Etsy.



These Creative Ideas for Wine Bottles may seem difficult but for as long as you learn how to cut a bottle, you should be fine.



There are different ways on how you can use the wine bottle and turn it into a chandelier but, again, you need to cut the glass.

Here is one from homeworkshop.com



Here is one from orangelive.com


This one is made of beer bottles from hookedonhouses.net.



There are some creative ideas for wine bottles but here is one more tip. You can also use wine bottles for your garden. You can put seeds or, if it is clear white glass, put some shells and decorate your garden. We will be coming up with more creative ideas for wine bottles in the future.


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