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Dainty Furniture Made Out of Scrap

Dainty Furniture Made Out of Scrap

With the natural resources depleting at a fast pace we, human beings need to invent alternate resources to power our world. As all the best brains across the globe are at work, the common man can also add up by conserving natural resources to the best. Small things like sharing means of transport to office, using water efficiently for daily chores, buying furniture made out of scrap instead of wood, disposing of plastic bottles properly and many such practices can help you to save planet earth. Since the early 19th century when man discovered automobiles and other machineries, their ill effects started to prevail. For a long time all those nations racing to be the most developed country utilized their non-renewable natural resources at a fast pace. But now the clock has started ticking when we have realised that supplies from currently exploited crude oil sites will end by 2050. This has brought a positive wave in all countries to invent alternate sources of energy. Many hybrid vehicles, solar lighting systems, cookers etc. have been developed in order to prevent the overuse of natural resources. Anybody can contribute to the cause by following many energy saving techniques in their daily life too.

Furniture made out of recycled metal, wood or plastic is a comparatively newer but an effective way to conserve the natural resources. These furniture items are made in attractive designs which give them their special appeal. There are many companies which manufacture and sell furniture made out of scrap. They have collaborated with some of the most noted interior designers who contrive many innovative ideas. These furniture items include tables, chairs, sofas, bookshelves, cabinets and else. Disposed off car doors are utilised to make tables, rubber scrap is made into chairs and cushions and wood waste is reused to make furniture items like lamp shades, bookshelves.

“Project Scrap” has been initiated by M Designs of Montreal who remake innovative furniture items out of discarded furniture. They especially refurbish the bureau draws into shelving units. Another company in Bangkok named as ‘Scrap Lab’ which is run by designers from Kasetsart Univerity’s Architecture Program design and construct modern furniture items out of industrial scrap. They manufacture a score of furniture items like stylish lamps, close block pattern lounge chairs from so called industrial scrap. They not only make use of wood and metal waste to make furniture but things like foam and rope are also being well utilised. This group not only concentrates on making physical items but they are carrying a research on how waste can be reused to make innovative items which are appealing to the eyes. ‘Black Nest’ chair and stool made out of plastic trimmings, Corralo and Campana flat lounge chairs are well crafted with a new fabric and stunning looks by this group. These chairs are very comfortable and can be placed in your living area or lounge. Furniture items like these surely enhance the overall appearance of your whole place. Moreover these furniture items are very affordable and by making use of them you indirectly help save planet earth. So next time you are looking to add a new furniture item at your home do look for one made out of scrap!

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